Ideas About how white are you

Girls are always beauty conscious.They want to look beautiful and they want to attract man towards themselves.If the man is not attracted by them than she does not feel good.They want to attract every man despite of that they don’t want to make friendship with all of them but girl wants attentions.She doesn’t want any of the man in her life.She only want a single man in his life who always remained in her life and always cares about her.How-to-be-pretty

How I am looking,how my looks are?These are few of the question you found most of girls ask about them what type of answers they want from you is that yes you are looking sweet and cool and yes you are cool and hot and something like that.But if you are a girl than you should try to not make other happy but you should try to makes your looks good for your own self so that you can enjoy life more and more and in great way.If you want to looks white than you should try to make your nature simple first.For looks you need to use not too much creams on your face.You should try to remained natural if you are not very white in real words than you should not try to use too much extra makeup that may makes you bad.Use only those creams that suites you and makes you good looking in your life.Do not make too much experiments on your face it will destroy your natural beauty and when you lose your natural beauty than you may not enjoy your life in great way.With good looks you may able to impress others and  make your happy life .Keep smiling in life so that you could enjoy more in life