Why believing “College is the best time of your life” is wrong

My be you do not believe in my thoughts or may be you are my strongest supporter in this argument but whatever is it, I think that college time is good enough but it cannot be credited as the best time in life. College time or high school time is said to be the best time of life because at that time, you feel careless and casual. You enjoy the life having no tension regarding love or money so you credit your college time as the best time. You may have a nostalgic feeling while graduating from college or leaving high school as you think you will miss the best part of your life. This may not be a reality.14959015_college-days340

You can also enjoy life afterwards because this is your true life that is going to start from this day. A person is considered to be a kid when he is in school or college. After that when the practical life start you may feel various challenges regarding job, money, a good living standard. But the way you can enjoy life after you graduation may be the best time in your life. You should ponder upon activities that inspire you that may be driving, hosteling, swimming, sea diving or whatever may be.There are many best days in life you like to remembered these days and time of passing days and you will come to know many cool faces that were important for you in some parts of your life.try to remember these moments of your life that you spend with people who are very loving with you.COLLEGE