6 best smelling colognes for wearing this Christmas

It is truly said that personality leaves a strong impact on others. When we talk about personality, colognes matter a lot. They are a source of physical attraction. A nice fragrance cannot be seen but felt. When New Year starts it also brings new fashion. Every year cologne companies produce a new and best quality products. Here we will talk about new colognes for men and these are best fragrances for wearing in 2016 Christmas.


1 MILLION BY PACO RABANNE is in fashion now a days. This fragrance is closed in a golden colour bottle which makes it more appealing. The cologne is made up of different ingredients like cinnamon, red obsolete and peppermint. You can say this cologne is really one in a million.

CONTRADICTION MEN BY CALVIN KLEIN has a gorgeous smell and is packed in a simply designed bottle. Different type of leaves with sandalwood and lime makes the fragrance famous. On different decent occasions, this cologne serves the best purpose.

BLACK XS L’EXES is product of paco rabanne which is favourite of most men. Everyone is familiar with this cologne. The scent is present in a black shaped bottle and has a glamorous smell.The good perfume will makes you personality up to date and helps you in getting great fame in life.It will also increase your beauty and helps you in getting great from your lufe and helps you in making life perfect and cool.

COOL WATER BY DAVIDOFF is among some of those colognes which are very common. This cologne is very popular now a days. Its fragrance contains musk, iris and different type of flowers which enhance its smell. It is mostly used at night times. Its sweet fragrance also attracts women. It stands at top among the list of new colognes for men.

Champion cologne is best suited for those people who are interested in exercise and physical fitness. Keeping in mind the sportsmen, the bottle is designed like a shape of dumbbell. This fragrance has an energetic power. Any person who likes sports love to use this cologne. With the passage of time its demand is also increasing.

LEA’U D’ISSEY BY ISSEY MIYAKE is the cologne which is considered best for the modern men. The scent is composed of different type of special ingredients. This cologne is also expensive. It comes in beautiful packing and the bottle is rectangular shaped. It can easily be ranked among new and best colognes for men.

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