Cheat Or Love?

Everyone plays with others in life. The relation of love is sometimes the relation of cheat. You try to come closer to other by showing your much love for him or her but in fact you only wants her in life not you really love her from the deep feelings of your heart. Once you get her you may not give her too much love and may not respect her as much as she wants in life.

Cheating others is not a great thing in this world but it is true that most of people in this world cheat others and play with the feelings of the others which is not a great thing. Flirt is very open in this world and sometimes both of the persons knows that the other person is flirting with him or her but they enjoy this type of flirt but sometimes the girls deeply fall in love with the boy and give her all feelings to her and in the end the boy left her without any reason and told her that she is only playing with her and only want sometimes and some part of her life with her not all the part of life with her.


This is really very hurting thing in life when you play with others feelings. Sometimes the person may try to give her life because of this type of the behaviour from other side. Cheating others is not a good thing try to love others and try to show your love and feelings to only those people who are important for you not to those whom you want to impress and want to get their attentions in life. This is really a bad thing for you