4 Reasons why the “Short Suit” is a bad idea

Buaahhhh…. I know this sounds really funny to have a short suit. Like I also burst into laughter after hearing the idea that if men can wear shorts, why cannot they wear short suits? So the idea seems very bogus but who knows that with growing fashion trends this may be an upcoming fashion in near future. But till then it is not in fashion, we can make fun of it asos-391x500

Now supporters of wearing a short suit can argue what is wrong in wearing short suit? Well the answer is the same as what is wrong with wearing long shoes with a dinner suit or what is wrong with wearing a scarf with suit. This looks nearly awkward. And also you cannot feel comfortable in wearing a short suit. To wear a short suit you must have guts and I must say you must have a very firm attitude otherwise you cannot carry it. Obviously people will make fun of it and they will surely point you out so can you handle such crowd? If yes go for it otherwise drop the idea.


Another important in fact most important reason of not wearing a short suit is that males are hairy and their legs don’t look good as female’s legs do so if you are very hairy, just drop the idea of wearing a short suit.